GTP extends a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in Washington and back home in Africa. All year round, we are constantly collecting used clothes, electronics and other household goods and appliances from partners and community members and distribute them to needy families both here and in The Gambia. We store these items in our storage and distribute them to needy families in Washington and Provential/rural Gambia. This project gives us a unique opportunity to see the struggles faced by women and children living under extreme poverty in our society. If you donate your used clothes, electronics and household appliances to GTP, you will wipe the tears and put a smile on the faces of a well-deserved family. In these videos, you will see the GTP Volunteers in Gambia distributing some of the items we sent between 2018 and 2020. A few months ago, we showed you several boxes of clothes and other household goods we collected from the USA and shipped to The Gambia. Finally, the shipment has arrived and we have distributed them. we gave out a couple of boxes of clothes, a cash amount of D13,000.00, groceries and cleaning supplies to the Kah Family of Pipeline whose house was burned down to the ground by one of their brothers.
We also did a clothes distribution drive on Kairaba Avenue where passerbys stopped and grab whatever they wanted. We also donated some items to some local community base organizations in The Gambia who reached out to us. Thank you all who contributed towards supporting the New GTP, “The people’s power”. Be assured that your donations always go towards the purpose for which you gave it.
Please continue to support. If you have any used clothes, toys, cooking utensils, electronics and or cash you would like to donate contact us on WhatsApp +14045936215 or Gambia 7833524.
No amount or resource is too small; you will be surprised that every little thing can make a big difference. You cannot do it alone, a few people cannot also do it, together, we can conquer the unfortunate and poverty challenges of our people. The government cannot do it alone.
In November of 2020, a new consignment arrived. Our team went to Ndian Village in Kombo and donated the items we sent to Gambia to families that are really in need. As you can see, the kids don’t even have shoes or shirts to wear. This consignment of clothes really came handy for them as explained by the mom Ms Clara Dacosta. According to her, winter is already here and she has no money to buy clothes for the kids. “Even though I want to buy clothes for them, I am more worried about putting food on the table for them”. See attached link or